The Vampiro Cocktail Recipe

Posted in Classics, Tequila on March 7, 2014

Bloody Mary Coctail with celery stalk and pitcher.

The name of this cocktail makes us think about the Halloween. In fact, it is a suitable drink for such an occasion because it contains tomato juice and it has a bright red color that resembles blood. This is how it got its name. In fact, the Vampiro is similar to a Bloody Mary, but Read More »

The Spritz Veneziano

Posted in Classics, Liquers on March 7, 2014

spritz veneziano

The Spritz Veneziano or simply the Veneziano is a popular Italian cocktail which originated in Venice. It is wine based and it is very light. This makes it suitable for being consumed in any moment of the day. The Spritz Veneziano is nowadays popular all across Italy. However, it differs greatly from one region to Read More »

Cuba Libre Recipe

Posted in Classics, Rum, Uncategorized on February 27, 2014

CubaLibre 0002

Cuba Libre might as well be the easiest to prepare mixed drink. Anyone can do it and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes. However, the effect is more complex because Cuba Libre is popular, fresh and easygoing. It is the perfect drink for young friends who gather together to share jokes and stories Read More »

Caipirinha Recipe

Posted in Classics, Rum, Tropical on February 22, 2014


Caipirinha – Brazil’s Finest Cocktail Caipirinha is Brazil’s major cocktail drink, also known as the national cocktail of Brazil. The contents of the drink include sugarcane, lime and hard liquor. It is a much distilled alcoholic beverage that is called the Pinga. Both rum and cachaca are made from sugar-cane derived products. The cachaca is Read More »

Bull Shot Recipe

Posted in Classics, Vodka on February 19, 2014


Bull Shot Recipe   The Bull Shot recipe is a cocktail which has a lot of variations. One of the variations which can be named is the Bloody Mary. Nevertheless, most of the time people in variations do not introduce any changes at all and the people at large like to gulp down a cocktail Read More »

(Mimosa) Buck's Fizz Recipe

Posted in Champagne, Classics on February 19, 2014

Buck's Fizz Recipe

Buck’s Fizz Recipe   The Buck’s Fizz cocktail is a tangy drink that was created in London at Buck’s Club in 1921. The drink has a sweet tang and is one of the most popular champagne cocktails in the world. The grenadine settles down at the bottom of the glass and it creates a unique Read More »

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