(Mimosa) Buck's Fizz Recipe

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Buck’s Fizz Recipe

Buck's Fizz Recipe


The Buck’s Fizz cocktail is a tangy drink that was created in London at Buck’s Club in 1921. The drink has a sweet tang and is one of the most popular champagne cocktails in the world. The grenadine settles down at the bottom of the glass and it creates a unique layered sunset effect. If you do not use the grenadine this drink becomes a Mimosa and is named after the golden colored and bright flowers on the Mimosa Tree. This drink is ideal for traditional ceremonies like anniversaries, Christmas mornings, birthdays and more. There are some older recipes where grenadine is included as an extra ingredient however it has not been included in the International Bartenders Association.

What is A Buck’s Fizz?

The Buck’s Fizz is more or less the same to the widely sought after champagne cocktail – the Mimosa. However it is different from the latter as this drink does not have Triple Sec or orange liqueur. Here the ratios are reversed and it is converted into an elegant and simple drink. It is an ideal brunch cocktail drink and it perfect for the celebration of any occasion where plain champagne is not enough. The Buck’s Fizz also works well with dry and sparkling wine too.  The drink was initially served by a barman called McGarry. His name features in the writings of P.G Wodehouse as the barman of the Drones and Buck’s Club. The original and true recipe of this cocktail is also known by the barmen of Buck’s Club.


  • 31/2 ounce of orange juice
  • 11/2 ounce of champagne
  • orange twist for garnishing

The ingredients serve one glass.

How Do You Make A Buck’s Fizz

  • Ø Build the ingredients in the order that has been given above in a champagne flute
  • Ø Garnish the glass with the orange twist

This drink was regarded as a children’s drink by acclaimed wine critic Rachel Gardiner. The cocktail is a hot favorite at weddings and it is a less alcoholic alternative to Champagne. The drink is also popular as a morning antidote to a hangover. It is very popular in the United Kingdom and consumed as a part of the breakfast meal on Christmas day mornings.


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