The Spritz Veneziano

Posted in Classics, Liquers on March 7, 2014

spritz veneziano

The Spritz Veneziano or simply the Veneziano is a popular Italian cocktail which originated in Venice. It is wine based and it is very light. This makes it suitable for being consumed in any moment of the day. The Spritz Veneziano is nowadays popular all across Italy. However, it differs greatly from one region to another depending on the exact ingredients that are being used. The original Veneziano can obviously be found in Venice. In present times, a version with Prosecco wine and Aperol is highly popular. This is actually the recipe that is noted below.

It is believed that it never even was a single recipe for the Veneziano. Its origins can be traced back in the 1800s when Venice was under Hapsburg domination. The Hapsburgs were not accustomed with the strong Italian wines and were often asking for water in order to make them lighter. This is how the Spritz appeared. It was basically red or white wine diluted with water. Later on, the plain water was replaced with Seltz water or soda and the spritz became sparkling without using sparkling wine. Over the years bartenders have started to add various liqueurs to the Spritz in order to make it more appealing and sophisticated. Nowadays, every bartender in Italy probably has its own recipe of Spritz Veneziano.

As said, one of the most popular and common recipes of this cocktail is the one made with Prosecco and Aperol. Campari or Cynar are also often used in the place of Aperol. In fact, Venetians are using Select, which is also a brand of bitter liqueur. The Spritz Veneziano is usually served in a lowball glass, but it can also be prepared in wine glass over ice. It is garnished with a slice of orange, but, depending on the exact type of liqueur that was used, an olive might also be suitable.

How to Prepare the Spritz Veneziano

You need the following ingredients:

  • 2-3 oz. of Prosecco
  • 1 ½ oz. of Aperol.
  • Ice cubes
  • Soda water (you can also use sparkling water or club soda).
  • A slice or orange and an olive.

Put some ice cubes in the glass and then add the Prosecco and the Aperol. Also add the soda water and stir gently. Use the orange slice and the olive for garnish. The olive is optional, so you can skip it.

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