Bull Shot Recipe

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Bull Shot Recipe



The Bull Shot recipe is a cocktail which has a lot of variations. One of the variations which can be named is the Bloody Mary. Nevertheless, most of the time people in variations do not introduce any changes at all and the people at large like to gulp down a cocktail which tastes like tomato juice with a certain kind of liquor.  According to a version Les Gruber in the year nineteen hundred and fifty two came up with the idea of creating the cocktail in a club of United States of America known as the Caucus Club.  It was in the year nineteen thirty eight that Les and Sam Gruber opened the London Chop House which went on to become one of the most well known eating places in Detroit.

What is a Bull Shot?

The drink at all usual times is served chilled. It is commonly used to revive the spirits of the people who are feeling rather cold and miserable. The best idea for returning the good spirits is having it warm. It is generally held that the Bull Shot expertly cures a hangover. However, this is not the case.  The cocktail is one that can be savored anytime in the morning, during lunch or in the afternoon. The concept of having a Bull Shot with beef stock is also a tempting and delicious thought.


Ingredients for a Bull Shot

  • Two ounces of vodka
  • Four ounces of beef bullion
  • Half ounce of lemon juice
  • A bit of Tabasco
  • One bar spoon of Worcestershire sauce
  • A bit of cayenne pepper
  • A bit of salt

The ingredients listed above serve one glass


How do you make a Bull Shot?


  • If the cocktail has to be had cold then all the ingredients have to be combined over ice.
  • Next, the ingredients have to be poured into an old fashioned glass.
  • If the drink has to be savored hot then all the ingredients except the vodka has to be heated in a pan together with the beef stock.
  • The next step is to drain the mixture into a mug and garnish it with a lemon chunk.
  • Serve immediately.

The preparation time is ten minutes and it is a different kind of a cocktail you can try out with your loved ones at home and bar parties.



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