The Godfather Cocktail Recipe

Posted in Scotch on March 1, 2014


The Godfather cocktail is probably one of the most famous American cocktails. Its name alone can be reason enough for popularity, but the Godfather is also an incredibly charming cocktail. It is very simple and it only contains two ingredients: scotch and amaretto. They blend together in an alluring manner that makes you ask for more. However, this cocktail is a strong drink and you might not want to have more than one. It is an after-dinner cocktail, so ask the bartender for one if you eat out. Given the simplicity of it, if you’re dining in, you can make it yourself and still enjoy it in front of the TV or with your friends.

The history of the cocktail is not clear. The name of its inventor and the circumstances in which it was created were long forgotten. However, it is assumed that it was the favorite drink of Marlon Brando and this is how it got its name. We can’t tell for sure if this is true, but the amaretto in the recipe justifies its connections with Italy. Whatever the case was, the name of the cocktail definitely helped in making it popular. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy the drink of Don Corleone and to imagine himself as the Godfather? Be cautious because the drink is strong and if you have more glasses, you might even start talking like Don Corleone.

Preparing the Godfather at home is very easy because you don’t need anything except the actual ingredients and an old-fashioned glass.

How to Prepare the Godfather

You need:

  • 1 ½ oz. of scotch
  • ½ oz. of amaretto
  • Ice

Put the ice in an old-fashioned glass and add the scotch and the amaretto. Stir and enjoy.

The best part about this cocktail is that it has a very versatile nature. You can always change the scotch and amaretto ratio and adjust the sweetness as per your taste. If you really like the amaretto flavor, you can even go for equal parts of each ingredient. If, on the other hand, you like drier cocktails, put more scotch. However, keep in mind that the Godfather is an after dinner cocktail, so it is supposed to be a little sweet. The amaretto is the one that makes it “Italian” after all.

There are several variations of this cocktail. The most notable one is the Godmother which uses vodka instead of scotch. Adding cream to either the Godfather or the Godmother, you can make a Godson or a Goddaughter.

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