B-52 Cocktail Recipe

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B 52 recipe


The B 52 is a cocktail which is found in layers.  The cocktail is usually made up of Irish cream, Kahlua and Grand Marnier. Gravity separates the cocktail layers from each other. This cocktail has a historical connotation. The name of the cocktail has been derived from the name of the band known as The B52. This name actually has been derived from the long distance bomber US B 52 Stratofortress. This long distance bomb was used in the Vietnam War. There is ongoing debate about how exactly the name of the cocktail originated since it was created in the era of the seventies.  The B52 remains one of the most popular drinks till today.


What is a B52?

There goes the tale that Peter Fich created this interesting cocktail recipe. Peter Fich was the head bartender at the Banff Springs Hotel. It was his idea to name all his creative concoctions after the name of his favourite bands, songs and albums. A tale has it that an owner of restaurants came to try his concoction of this drink. The restaurant owner liked it so much that he came to include the drink in his restaurant menus. Another version has it that the cocktail originated in the New York City and was created by Adam Honigman, a man who served at the bar in the city. The drink necessarily became famous with the masses in London from the year of 2009. It was because the striker in the team of Arsenal Nicklas Bendtner modified the number on his shirt from twenty six to fifty two.  For preparing this concoction there are specially manufactured machines which come in handy. The machines make the multi layered cocktail in a jiffy. The cocktail is not blended. This cocktail was built rather than being blended.  The drink is served in a shot glass or a sherry glass. It is true that the Irish cream liquors and coffee make quite a delightful combination. This type of cocktail is served after dinner.


Ingredients for the B52


·      - Half oz of Kahlua

·       -Half oz of Grand Marnier or orange liquor

·       -Half oz of Irish cream.


How do you make a B52?

The preparation time of this cocktail is two minutes.

·       First pour the coffee into the tumbler

·       Next, the Irish cream liquor has to be poured on the top of the coffee liquor.

·       Pour the Grand Marnieron top of the second layer.

·       The layers which are heavy go first into the glass. The layers which are lighter in weight (like Kahlua) follow suit.

Mix the ingredients together and enjoy                                 



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