The Long Island Ice Tea Recipe

Posted in Gin, Liquers, Rum, Tequila, Vodka on March 3, 2014

long island ice tea

Despite its name, the Long Island Ice Tea has nothing to do with the tea. It doesn’t even contain any tea at all!, so the name probably comes from the fact that it resembles the color of the ice tea. The history of this cocktail is pretty controversial and there is no consensus regarding who or Read More »

The Hemingway Special Recipe

Posted in Rum on March 1, 2014

hemingway special

The Hemingway Special cocktail is basically a variation of Daiquiri. It has a funny story about how it was created. As you can imagine from its name, it was custom made from Hemingway. The original recipe had no sugar and extra rum, but it was slightly modified from back then until nowadays. Since most people Read More »

Dark’ N’ Stormy Cocktail Recipe

Posted in Beer, Rum on February 28, 2014


Dark’ N’ Stormy is a very popular drink in the United States. The unexpected combination between dark rum and ginger beer make it perfect for the summer. Even though Americans highly appreciate this cocktail, its origins are believed to be in Bermuda. As it is the case with numerous alcoholic drinks, no one can tell Read More »

Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

Posted in Rum on February 28, 2014


There’s nothing simpler than making a Daiquiri at home. This is a classic cocktail which will probably never lose its charm, so you can learn the recipe and put in practice at home. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to buy the bottled vareity ever again. In fact, this cocktail belongs Read More »

Cuba Libre Recipe

Posted in Classics, Rum, Uncategorized on February 27, 2014

CubaLibre 0002

Cuba Libre might as well be the easiest to prepare mixed drink. Anyone can do it and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes. However, the effect is more complex because Cuba Libre is popular, fresh and easygoing. It is the perfect drink for young friends who gather together to share jokes and stories Read More »

Caipirinha Recipe

Posted in Classics, Rum, Tropical on February 22, 2014


Caipirinha – Brazil’s Finest Cocktail Caipirinha is Brazil’s major cocktail drink, also known as the national cocktail of Brazil. The contents of the drink include sugarcane, lime and hard liquor. It is a much distilled alcoholic beverage that is called the Pinga. Both rum and cachaca are made from sugar-cane derived products. The cachaca is Read More »