Derby Cocktail Recipe

Posted in Bourbon on February 28, 2014


I If you simply mention the Derby cocktail at a bartenders meeting, everyone is going to come up with his own recipe. There are so many variations of this cocktail that it is almost impossible to keep the pace. The Derby is a bourbon based drink, but there is also a gin-based variation. We’ll leave Read More »

Whiskey Sour Recipe

Posted in Bourbon, Classics, Cocktails, Sours on January 6, 2014

how do you make a whiskey sour

The Whiskey Sour The Whiskey Sour, sometimes called the Boston Sour is one of the most acclaimed sour drinks in the cocktail world.  It may be incredibly tart, butt the sweetness of a high quality whiskey brand and simple syrup offset the sour flavor.  High quality (fresh) lemon juice is mandatory for a good Whiskey Read More »

The "Old Fashioned" Recipe.

Posted in Alcohol Base, Bourbon, Classics, Cocktails on December 3, 2013

Yummy alcoholic drinks

    History A “Cocktail” is a word which is defined as s a potent combination of many ingredients such as spirits, bitters, water and sugar. The word cocktail was first coined at some point in the early 19th century in May 6, 1806 in the issue of The Balance and Columbia Repository in Hudson, New York The “Old Fashioned” Read More »