Aviation Cocktail Recipe

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Aviation Cocktail Recipe

This aviation cocktail is made of gin, lemon juice, crème de violette, and maraschino liqueur. The cocktail is served straight up and in a cocktail glass. While making this classic recipe, use the real maraschino cherries and not the more common bright red cherries. The drink was created by Hugo Ensslin 1916 and recipes for mixed drinks. It is a violette liqueur that gives the drink a sky-blue color. In the book, Savoy Cocktail book by Harry Craddock’s removed the mixture of 2/3rd dry gin, 1/3rd lemon juice, 2 dashes of maraschino. The cocktail was made of Hugo Ensslin who was the head bartender of hotel Wallick. And 2 dashes of crème de violet to it to make it a complete drink. The primary alcohol is gin with cherry.

What is an Aviation Cocktail?

The aviation cocktail is considered with a variation on the Gin Sour that uses maraschino as its sweetener. The blue moon cocktail is made of gin, lemon juice and crème de violette with out the maraschino. There is moonlight cocktail too that is made with gin, lime juice, Cointreau and Creame de violette and maraschino. Finally we have the violet liqueur made with gin and other spices that can be substituted for in the recipe for the Crème de violette. The drink is one of those that had a mysterious past to it. No one claimed responsibility for it name. The drink became popular after it was named in the book called the David Wondrich’s Imbible that was printed first in 1916 and became one of the classics. In the recent past, the Crème de Violette was left out of the mix as the smallest amount of liqueur that added depth and color to the cocktail.

Ingredients of Aviation Cocktail Recipe

  • 1½ oz. El Bart
  • Gin, 2 oz.
  • ½ oz lemon juice
  • 2 dashes maraschino liqueur
  • 2 dashes crème de violette

How do you make an Aviation Cocktail?

The total preparation time of this recipe is about 3 minutes. Here is how you add the ingredients to make the Aviation drink:-

  • Ø Add all premier ingredients into a cocktail shaker
  • Ø Fill it with ice.
  • Ø Shake the glass till the chill is ready
  • Ø Stir into the cocktail glass
  • Ø Then strain into cocktail glass.
  • Ø Drizzle crème de Violette in the glass
  • Ø Garnish it with cherry or lemon twist


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