Rhubharb Iced Tea Recipe

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Rhubarb juice is an exceptionally known old fashioned drink that is mainly out of demand as very few of us own the considerable garden space needed to grow the Rhubarb, but if you are able to grow a voluminous supply of it, then this old fashioned drink worth considering.

Rhubarb Juice:

Rhubarb juice is the type of old fashioned drink which has been served traditionally at the social events and weddings. In the pioneer times, lemons were quite expensive but the rhubarb was very easily prepared. It is basically a tart drink of light pink color, even though the green colored rhubarb was used. Normally the rhubarb of red color tastes sweeter than the green rhubarbs. In order to make the rhubarb juice, firstly harvest and then chop down the stalks without peeling them.  Then just put the chopped stalks in the water and let that simmer within a large pot. Then cool down the rhubarb and strain that using a colander to discard the pulp. Then add some lemon juice and sugar to taste. Lastly, store the made juice away within the refrigerators until the time comes for them to be served. This is a classic old fashioned drink which is exceptionally easy to make.

Old fashioned drinks

Rhubarb Iced Tea:

In order to make base of the old fashioned drink that is the iced tea concentrate, start by brewing tea of strong flavor using of about five tea bags. You should not increase the settling time as this could result in a tea with bitter flavor. Then add lemon juice and sugar for taste. Then cool it down until it is ready to be served. After that start preparing sugar syrup by adding one cup of sugar to one cup of boiling water. Stir it well until it gets dissolved and then cool it down.

Then to make the classic old fashioned drink, the rhubarb iced tea, put just one cup of the rhubarb juice within a pitcher, to a half cup of the tea concentrate, and then fill the pitcher with cold water and start stirring. Taste the liquid for sweetened flavor and add the sugar syrup if needed. Both the rhubarb juice and the tea concentrate can be easily frozen into ice cubes or within small freezer containers of round shape that can comfortably get fit within serving jug when it is unmolded. For varieties in flavor you can add pineapple, raspberry, apple and other juices to the classic old fashioned drink which is the rhubarb juice.

Whiskey Cocktail:

To make this classic old fashioned drink put one lump of sugar, dashing on the bitters within a heavily bottomed glass and then crush them using a spoon. Then pour inside it one jigger of the rye whiskey, stirring it nicely with some lumps of ice. Don’t do any shaking! Keep the mixture within the glass as it is. Cut a half ring orange peel, garnish with it and then twist a lemon peel all over it to ultimately give the finishing touches to this old fashioned drink.

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