The Ramos Fizz Cocktail Recipe

Posted in Gin on March 5, 2014

ramos fizz

The Ramos fizz is one of the most intriguing cocktails you can make at home. It is not very easy to prepare because it needs a lot of ingredients. Each plays its own important part, so there isn’t anything that you can skip. The Ramos fizz is not like other cocktails which leave room for Read More »

The Paradise Cocktail Recipe

Posted in Gin on March 4, 2014


The Paradise cocktail has a very appealing name indeed. It is a sweet and fruity drink, so if you have a preference for this type of cocktails, you will definitely enjoy one. The Paradise is gin based and it can be compared with the martini. The former is a dry cocktail, while the Paradise is Read More »

The Negroni Recipe

Posted in Gin on March 4, 2014


The secret of enjoying a great Negroni is to prepare it with Campari. The thing with Campari is that you either love it or hate it. If you are in the first category, you’ll definitely enjoy this cocktail also. However, you should not dismiss it even if you don’t have a preference for sour taste. Read More »

The Monkey Gland Cocktail Recipe

Posted in Gin on March 4, 2014


This cocktail definitely does not have an appealing name. The history behind it is not very attractive either, but you should focus on the ingredients rather than on the name and on what inspired it. You might not want to know this story, so skip this part if you are sensitive and go straight to Read More »

The Long Island Ice Tea Recipe

Posted in Gin, Liquers, Rum, Tequila, Vodka on March 3, 2014

long island ice tea

Despite its name, the Long Island Ice Tea has nothing to do with the tea. It doesn’t even contain any tea at all!, so the name probably comes from the fact that it resembles the color of the ice tea. The history of this cocktail is pretty controversial and there is no consensus regarding who or Read More »

The Gin Fizz Recipe

Posted in Gin on March 1, 2014

gin fizz

Fizz cocktails are mixed drinks belonging to the Sours family just like margarita and sidecar. Cocktails in this family are defined by the fact that they contain base liquor, some lemon or lime juice and a sweetener. Fizz cocktails are acidic because of the lemon or lime juice and they are also characterized by the Read More »