The Incredible Hulk Cocktail Recipe

Posted in Brandy on March 2, 2014


The Incredible Hulk is one of the easiest cocktail to make. However, even if you can do it in an instant, it doesn’t mean that it lacks potency. On the contrary, the Incredible Hulk is one of the most potent mixed drinks you can try, so approach it cautiously. It is basically a mix of Read More »

The Horse’s Neck Cocktail Recipe

Posted in Brandy on March 2, 2014


The Horse’s Neck is a cocktail of American origin recognized by the International Bartender’s Association. It is a combination of brandy or bourbon and ginger ale and it has a pretty interesting history. Its name comes from a long lemon zest which is used for decorating the glass. One of its ends comes out of Read More »

The French Connection Recipe

Posted in Brandy on February 28, 2014

french connection

The French Connection is a simple mixed drink with only two ingredients. Despite its simplicity, it has an amazing aroma and it is perfect to be served after dinner. The drink is served chilled, but the cognac in it brings on specific warmth. There are several variations of this cocktail and they are all enjoyable. Read More »

Four Score Cocktail Recipe

Posted in Brandy on February 28, 2014

four score

Some cocktails are simply meant to become famous. This was also the case with the Four Score. If you want to enjoy one drink that truly made history, you can learn to prepare this cocktail at home. This cocktail was especially created for Winston Churchill when he turned 80. A respectable cocktail for a respectable Read More »

Curacao Punch Recipe

Posted in Brandy on February 28, 2014

Pouring Ribbons - Hagar & Helga

Just like its name suggests, this is an orange flavored cocktail which also combines rum and brandy. The result is a strong drink that should be enjoyed in moderation. The Curacao Punch recipe has a long history and it was first mentioned in a cocktail book in 1882. It used to be very popular, but Read More »

Brandy Sour Recipe

Posted in Brandy, Classics, Cocktails on February 19, 2014

Brandy Sour

Brandy Sour Recipe The Brandy Sour is a cocktail drink that is known as the National Drink Of Cyprus. There are other forms of the Brandy Sour that exists and the most famous one is the Cypriot type. This cocktail has a unique and a distinct mixture of ingredients and this is what makes it Read More »