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The Zombie Cocktail Recipe

This is one of the most popular cocktails in Tiki culture. However, as is the case with numerous Tiki cocktails, the original recipe is a mystery. It was supposedly invented in the 30s by Donn Beach who was, at the time, owned a bar in Los Angeles. He developed the concoction in order to help a … [Read More...]

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how to make a martini

Classic Martini Recipe

  Greetings readers!  Today I'm going to show you how to make a Martini the old fashioned way.  What is in a martini and how do you make a martini you may ask? … [Read More...]

gibson gin recipe

Gibson Drink Recipe

    The Gibson Cocktail -2 oz Gin or Vodka -1/2 oz Vermouth -Pickled Pearl Onion(s) As I stated in my previous post on the Martini, garnishes play a … [Read More...]

What makes a martini dirty?? The brine of course!!

Dirty Martini Drink Recipe

Hello mixologists!!  Today I'm going to be covering one of the most popular twists on the classic Martini recipe - The Dirty Martini.  Before continuing with this … [Read More...]

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Angel Face Recipe

Angel Face Cocktail The Angel Face Cocktail has a lovely appearance and this is how it gets its name. It is a refreshing fruity drink that you would love to share … [Read More...]

strawberry mojito

Berry Mojito Recipe

Berry Mojito Recipes The Mojito is one of the famous cocktails in the world. It is said that the name Mojito originated from the word Mojo, a drink, which is made … [Read More...]